Kino Kreaction – Kino Kreaction

Kino Kreaction

You were waiting for it…Kino kreaction - L'urgence de faire du cinema

Kino kabaret is back in Liège (Luttich-Luik-Lieja, Lîdje,…).

It will happen from 21st till 26th may at Kre-action.

Sreenings will take place on :

  • wednesday 24 at Kré-action
  • friday 26 at Kré-action

  Kino is a worldwilde wovement of creation, sharing and meeting. That’s also a movie based on an idea, one drop of DIY, a shooting and white nights of editing. Kino, it’s mainly the envy to :

Do well with nothing, do better with a few But to do it right now

This Kino Kreaction will host 70 professionnals and amateurs coming from the 4 corners of the globe to leave an unique human experience. Ithey’ll create together short movies from A to Z during 2 sessions of production : the first one will be 72h and the second one 48h.  Every of this sessions will be followed by an evening of one of our magical screenings mixing movies, animations, experimentations and the drop of crazyness that fit so well to us. This kino assumes an “alternative” trend, which wants to keep Kino out of the industry, maintaining the precepts of opening and non-selection of the films. Our Kino lab will take place at Kre-action located rue de droixhe, 2. The teams are builded and set up their project, benefiting from the help and experience of the other participants. The Lab is also a place where the participants meet for a drink and relax while enjoying the entertainment offered, because it is above all an event made of meetings, good vibes and happyness.