Kino? – Kino Kreaction

About Kino

Worldwide Kino movement


The kino story start in January 99 in Montreal by A simple bet with friends : to produce an original short movie every month before the year 2000 and the end of the world.

The year 2000 passes and there is no catastrophe … but close to 200 films later, the KINO movement was born!

Inspired by kine, the Greek root meaning “movement”, the word KINO today rhymes with free and independent production. Its mission is to bring together all the artists who believe that the relevance of a cinematographic work is not only the amount of its production budget.

Do well with nothing, do better with a few but do it right now!

This is the motto of Kino. It is certain that this approach, unique at the time, was not going to be unanimous. Until 18 years later, Kino still holds the torch and offers to all creators a free and uncensored screen. The enthusiasm is contagious and artists with varied backgrounds base Kino cells every year. From Liège to Brussels, Paris, Naples and Berlin, from Moscow to Adelaide, from Burkina Fasso to Shanghai … everywhere the craze for the Kino formula is felt!

There are now more than 120 cells in 20 countries on 5 continents.